McGathering in Chatsworth, IL

1 6th Street, Chatsworth IL 60921

Jim and Ruth McGreal have a LOT of high performance collectors cars (or back in the 1960’s they were called muscle cars).  It started out as three cars.  They ran out of room at the country home.  Well, a building came up for sale close to Main Street (Locust St) in Chatsworth, their hometown.  And, the purchase was made!  It was and still is a place to gather stuff.  Stuff consists of mostly Chatsworth memorabilia – old clippings out of newspapers, and even bed sheets from the old Chatsworth Hospital (as much as most people don’t even know there ever was a hospital in town).  There are stuffed birds that came from the Chatsworth High School.  It used to be in the Old School House.  It didn’t have anything with the school house and it took a lot of room.  Now they still have a home at the McGathering! Fairbury Paint Store’s display cabinet houses much of Chatsworth’s “stuff” too.  There is a little bit of Chatsworth Train Wreck memorabilia in the building as well. Memories and wowing!

The McGreals got the building in 2011.  The McGathering is home to twelve and a half cars.  The oldest is 1966.  The newest is 2014.  All of them are Chevys.  The half is a couch.  This one is a must see.  You may actually have the opportunity to come and sit and relax in Chatsworth, Illinois!

And then there is the car mechanic you must meet!  He won’t say much. He will just keep working.

Come visit! Jim and Ruth McGreal can be reached for a possible tour of the building by appointment.  His phone number is (217) 202-6219.  Also, they will have it open on most Junk in the Trunk days (4th Saturday from May through Oct).  Please stop in to meet the mechanic!


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