Little School Museum in Chatsworth, IL

This one-room country school museum takes visitors to another time when the education of rural America was in its infancy and those who were fortunate enough to attend learned the basics of reading, writing, and arithmetic. The school was in use during the age of the one room schools in the rural Midwest when just getting to and from school was a challenge.
The historical building was built in 1858 and was still in use up until 1942. When it was realized that the school was too small for children of all ages, a large wooden school was built in 1870. At this time, the little school was mainly attended to by the children of the workers of the nearby beet factory. Elementary students of the area attended the little school, while high school (and later on some of the middle school) students attended the other building. In 1922, it was decided that the wooden school was becoming overcrowded, so a new brick high school was built. By 1942, the little school was no longer in use, as the wooden school held elementary students and the brick high school held students in 6th, 7th, 8th, and high school. To this day, the school remains as a historical landmark and provides visitors with a view of the past. Many of the old desks, blackboards, and materials have been preserved, along with school/local memorabilia from back in time.

To learn more about the Little School Museum, visit this website and call 815-674-3694 for group tours.


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